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Безвизовый режим

General information

Visa-free regime!

For increase in efficiency of use of tourist infrastructure objects on the territory of Brest and Brest, Pruzhansky, Kamenetsky and Zhabinkovsky districts the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 462 of December 26, 2017. "About establishment of a visa-free order of entrance and departure of foreign citizens" the tourist and recreational zone "Brest" is created. It allows citizens of 77 countries to visit the territory of the tourist and recreational zone "Brest" without visa for a period of 10 days since 01.01.2018.


Foreign citizens who want to visit a tourist and recreational zone, choose the tourist operator on the official site of the national park «The Belovezhskaya Pushcha», contacts it, reserves a tour. After that tour operators register the tourist in the program which transfers data to check points and sends to the tourist’s e-mail the document granting the right to visit a tourist and recreational zone without visa.

Without opening visas foreign citizens can arrive to Belarus on the following territory:

• The city of Brest and Brest district

• Pruzhansky district

• Kamenetsky district

• Zhabinkovsky district

• Svislochsky district of the Grodno region

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It is possible to cross the Frontier of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland in the following check points:

- at railway check points Brest (Terespol – the check point of the railway station "Brest-central");

- at road check points Brest (Terespol), Domachevo Slovatichi), Peschatka (Cumans);

- at the pedestrian check point Pererov (Belovezha);

- at the check point Brest airport.

Check points for entrance/departure of foreigners without visas on the territory of the tourist and recreational zone «Brest»

It is possible to cross the frontier of Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland at check points:

• at the railway check point Brest (Terespol – the check point of the railway station Brest-central);

• at the road check points Brest (Terespol), Domachevo (Slovatichi), Peschatka (Cumans);

• at the pedestrian point of the simplified check Pererov (Belovezha);

• at the check point Brest airport

The order of stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus

A foreign citizen or a person without citizenship who arrives in the Republic of Belarus is obliged to be registered in the body of registration in the place of the actual stay within 5 days, except for Sundays, public holidays and holidays

Bodies of registration in the Republic of Belarus are:

• the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• the body of internal affairs

• the hotel

• the sanatorium and health organization

• the subject of agroecotourism

The list of the states, concerning which citizens the 10-day visa-free order of entrance/departure to from TRZ "Brest" and the August channel is established

1. Australia.

2. the Republic of Austria.

3. the Republic Albania.

4. the Principality of Andorra.

5. Antigua and Barbuda.

6. Barbados.

7. the Kingdom of Bahrain.

8. the Kingdom of Belgium.

9. the Republic of Bulgaria.

10. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

11. the Republic of Vanuatu.

12. the State city of Vatican.

13. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

14. Hungary.

15. the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

16. the Republic of Haiti.

17. the Islamic Republic of The Gambia.

18. the Federal Republic of Germany.

19. Republic of Honduras.

20. Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – the special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. *

21. the Republic of Greece.

22. the Kingdom of Denmark.

23. the Commonwealth of Dominica.

24. the Republic of India.

25. the Republic of Indonesia.

26. Ireland.

27. the Republic of Iceland.

28. the Kingdom of Spain.

29. the Republic of Italy.

30. Canada.

31. the Republic of Cyprus.

32. the People's Republic of China.

33. the Republic of Korea.

34. the State of Kuwait.

35. the Republic of Latvia. **

36. the Lebanese Republic.

37. the Republic of Lithuania.

38. the Principality of Liechtenstein.

39. the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

40. the Republic of Macedonia.

41. Malaysia.

42. the Republic of Malta.

43. the Order of Malta. *

44. the United Mexican States.

45. the Federal States of Micronesia.

46. the Principality of Monaco.

47. the Republic of Namibia.

48. the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

49. the Republic of Nicaragua.

50. New Zealand.

51. the Kingdom of Norway.

52. the Sultanate of Oman.

53. the Republic of Panama.

54. the Republic of Peru.

55. the Republic of Poland.

56. the Portuguese Republic.

57. Romania.

58. the Independent State of Samoa.

59. the Republic of San Marino.

60. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

61. the Republic Seychelles.

62. Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

63. the Republic of Singapore.

64. the Slovak Republic.

65. the Republic of Slovenia.

66. the United States of America.

67. the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

68. the Republic of Finland.

69. the French Republic.

70. the Republic of Croatia.

71. the Czech Republic.

72. the Republic of Chile.

73. the Swiss Confederation.

74. the Kingdom of Sweden.

75. the Republic of El Salvador.

76. the Republic of Estonia. ***

77. Japan.


* isn't the state.

** Including the persons having the status of the non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia.

*** Including the persons without citizenship who are constantly living in the Republic of Estonia.

Details - on the website TOMIN.BY.

The order of visit of the tourist and recreational zone "Brest"

1. Not later than 48 hours to the planned trip it is necessary, to contact a tour operator and to book a tour.

It is possible to use only services of those tour operators which are presented on the website. https;//npbp.by/(http://tour.brest.by/tuoroperators.html)

In Brest district the service within a visa-free regime is provided:

- GPU of "RZ" Pribuzhskoye Polesie"

http://brpp.by/ e-mail: bioreservat@mail.ru +375 (0162) 20-86-00.

- ASB Sanatorium «Solnechny»

https://solnechny.by e-mail: asbsolnechny@tut.by +375 (162) 510-450

2. It is necessary to provide a tour operator with:

- copy (scan) of pages of the passport

- dates of a visit

- a contact information for feedback

- to pay the chosen service/tour

3. The tour operator registers the tourist and gives the supporting document (it is shown at check points)

4. The entrance to a visa-free zone is carried out through certain check points.

5. When crossing the border it is necessary to have the following documents:

- the valid document for trip abroad (passport)

- the document of the established sample granting the right for visit (it is made out by a tour operator and is sent to e-mail of a tourist)

- health insurance

+ it is necessary to have money not less than 2 basic sizes (since January 1 2018 - 1 basic size – 24 rubles 50 kopeks).


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